e-DAWGs: Merging Video Games and School


Mr. Perez

Some of the PC Set Ups that the E-Sports Club use

The E-sports Club at Heights High School consists of 24 students who actively participate in tournaments against other schools, from the East to the West Coast. This club provides students with the chance to earn college funds based on activities that most would typically accomplish from their homes. Rewards gained from this club include potentially earning school funds that could go up to $150,000.

However, that is not the only prize this club offers, as members also develop a reputation. Members of the club have a chance at getting recognized by colleges and universities that have a similar team at their school. The Overwatch Team, for example, has been crushing it lately with a 10-3 win-loss ratio. However, that ratio doesn’t end there because the spring semester has just recently begun, which means that this team has many more tournaments ahead of them in which they hope to gain some good rewards out of it. Three of the Super Smash Bros teams at Heights participated in the Fall PlayVS Texas League in the fall semester, with all three teams reaching the top 64. The Madder Dogs is one of the teams that competed in this league and outperformed the other competitors, resulting in them achieving 1st place and receiving a trophy for their victory. They now have four teams participating in the Spring PlayVS Texas League, and they hope to win again to continue building their reputation.

This club offers a chance for scholarship earnings and a good look for colleges, but it doesn’t end there. The E-Sports Club is also a fantastic place to socialize with other students who share similar interests. Impresario Maizumi, the founder of the E-Sports Club, states that he initially wanted to build a community of people that could bond under their shared interest in video games while also being rewarded for competing in special events. Furthermore, Rohan Chaudhary, a member of the club, is glad he joined the club as he enjoys playing video games himself, and this club has allowed him to interact with new people and make new friends. Both Impresario and Rohan enjoy being members of the E-Sports Club as they have the chance to socialize with new people while playing the games they love.