Advanced Placement’s Sweet Ordeal


The Advanced Placement program at Heights High School seeks to offer college credit and highly sophisticated courses at high school level.

The Advanced Placement (AP) program is a resounding effort by the College Board to offer college-level classes to high school students. Heights High School has provided AP classes for over twenty years. The program, taken by meritorious students at Heights year after year, gives students a taxing opportunity enriching them with the chance to tackle college-level courses in high school.
Students have remarked upon the AP structure for years, an opinion that will likely remain relevant for years to come. Descriptions include “a reward well worth the challenge” and “a manageable college experience in high school.” It is said to prepare students to embark on a demanding but advantageous pathway in the earlier stages of their education. “The AP program…provides students with opportunities to take challenging courses that prepare them for AP examinations at the end of each year. “Students who make qualifying scores may earn credit for college while in high school, saving them time and money down the road,” remarks Ms.Natalie Martinez, Heights’ Advanced Placement coordinator.

Embarking as an AP student, one will find themself readily motivated and guided by specialized instructors and an even academic plan. As an AP pathway student, one will juggle a relieved college future and academic admiration and courage. These incentives draw on the pinnacle of high school for many students: feasibility and maximum educational advancements. The liberal structure of this program allows students to excel in fields they are comfortable in and drift calmer waters in more challenging subjects. Thus, personal prudence in choosing AP Language for the future writer and AP Calculus for the next Ramanujan would fare better than trying to hone one’s mathematical assets in an AP US History class.

The AP program at Heights High is an oasis for any pupil seeking a flexible academic career. The program has long been shifting the traditional academic roadmap. It is no longer all or nothing since flexibility is an integral part of AP for students’ convenience. AP’s appeal to the average student makes it a diamond in the rough, with core importance given to a student’s time management skills and ability to handle several challenging courses. The customization makes the core value of AP: it’s doability.

With deadlines for testing fast approaching Advanced Placement partakers, consideration of future educational prospects further befalls students since this is the prime period for processing upperclassmen’s endeavors. The elephant in the room is then the other of Heights pathways. Sophomores, would you favor the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, magnets, or on-level academic pathway for your high school career? It is in a pupil’s best interest to remember the features that each path brings to the table. If a designated, organized roadmap appeals to you, the International Baccalaureate program is the way to go. However, if you are interested in a flexible yet challenging lifestyle while earning college credit, swing down to your counselor and register for AP’s vast array of specially designated courses.

If success brings you glee,
And to it, you’d like a key
Then switch to AP!