Celebrating JROTC


Lysette Gonzalez

The JROTC color guard posting the colors for the HISD signing day at Delmar stadium. Students are Keith Sterling, Carolina Resoles, Aryana Garcia, and John Mendoza.

The U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program at Heights High School is a fantastic program. Still, many students do not know its importance. The mission of this program is to help students become better citizens and improve themselves for their future. JROTC has been around for over 100 years and is in over 800 schools across the U.S. The JROTC program at Heights originated in 1926 and still grows each year as new students, called cadets, join.

JROTC gives students a lot of opportunities not only in high school but also in their future for life after high school. In class, the Sergeants and Colonels strive for positivity and growing students into the best citizens they can be. Throughout the year, students learn various skills, including military drills, physical fitness, life skills, and much more. This program helps cadets to be positive every day and to look forward to what they are building for their future, whether they decide to attend college, join the military, or enter the workforce. Not only do cadets become better citizens through JROTC, but they also can be themselves in a fun environment where they can be successful. Keith Sterling, Battalion Commander of the heights JROTC programs, says, “this platform allows students to develop the skills to confidently speak and interact with others. It also provides students with the opportunity to learn how to be a leader with their peers around them.”

Aside from being in the elective JROTC class, there are also opportunities for students to join one of the competition teams. The Heights’ teams include marksmanship, color guard, physical training, drill, and the saber guard. By being on a team, students can learn a new skill and may grow a passion for something they never thought they could do. These teams attend district-wide competitions, competing in tough competitions aiming for the winning title.

The JROTC program holds a military ball where cadets attend a formal dinner and dance. At the military ball, cadets give rewards for different accomplishments they have gained throughout the year. This ball is held every year towards the end of the year. It is a fun and exciting event where cadets can come together and celebrate another year of success.

The JROTC program offered at Heights allows students to become better citizens for themselves and the communities they represent around them. Not only do students learn leadership skills, but they do so in a welcoming environment. In this environment, they grow each year in high school and graduate as the best they can be.